• Hello

    This website is an eternal work in progress, much like myself.

    Links may be broken, or be referral links, or go to sites I have not yet started uploading to, or be to sites where I've become temporarily inactive.


    I'm working on all of it a little at a time and decided to post the links here before I finish/relaunch.


    About me:

    I'm a writer, a boudoir photographer and erotic model, a licenced health coach for bodybuilding, a home chef, a fetish performer.

    I've been into crypto for some years in various forms.

    My interests include art, science fiction, politics and government, gaming, La Reina del Sur, cooking, firearms, classic country music, and I'm a mega-fan of Megan Thee Stallion.

    My hobbies include working out, gaming, cooking, reading philosophy, and most recently, sculpting.


    I'm a bit of an eccentric;

    I keep myself busy with a lot of different things and as a result I am never short on things to talk about.

    I am most passionate about music, and having a good time

    I collect vintage porno magazines, antique glass, and lovers.


    Coming Soon:

    I will be returning to phone sex and live streaming soon, with a schedule for sextpanther, chaturbate, onlyfans, and potentially twitch or eplay.

    the best place for updates about how all that's going is probably my new telegram channel.

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    Sextpanther is the best way to get ahold of me on the internet!



    After a 1 year hiatus from live streaming, I will be returning soon!


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  • View my NSFW Genesis Collection 2021

    on Foundation (uncensored)


    For over a decade I survived as a freelance erotic model,
    but always through the lens of a someone else's camera,


    In 2020 I shifted from a second person view of myself, into self portraiture, and it changed my perception forever.



    2/8 SOLD


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