Farewell, Austin

I'm leaving :)

It's official

I've hinted at this, and posted on twitter about my pending retirement,

I've shied away from saying anything concrete because I'm a tad superstitious, and I've been working towards this dream of mine for several years, and through several delays, I can finally say it's time.

I'm leaving Austin, I'm leaving Texas, I'm leaving the US,

for as long as my legs will carry me abroad.

Some things will stay as they've always been, I'll still be around online but I won't be able to receive gifts in the mail and it won't be so easy for us to hang out and other such things.

There is only a very limited window where I can still receive gifts before I go, and there's just a few things I'm noticing I don't have yet that I will need. [LINK]

My Premium Subscription OnlyFans has been inactive for a few months (I've been on hiatus getting ready to move) But I have some beautiful photos and a video pending release and am offering a free 1 year subscription to anyone who spends more than $50 helping to clear my wishlist. (it is usually $50 a month, and you'll get to see stuff from my travels before I start advertising again it'll be really intimate)

I've hesitated to put a date on anything, but I haven't exactly been posting a countdown either,

so I'm just going to say it's February 20.

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