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Boycott mastercard... or something

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I tend to reference stuff like this a lot and sometimes people have no idea what I'm talking about so heres some current event commentary


OnlyFans is banning erotic content, which I'm honestly a little surprised about, but oh well. Precedence for this goes back years if not decades, I knew it would happen eventually, and I'm personally not too bothered. I don't mind going softcore, because solo was always my preference anyway. My account is going to remain active, I have to delete about 25% of my content, and can't post anything that breaks the new guidelines, but it'll be fine. I'll keep doing vintage playboy inspired stuff, but I am changing the price. If you don't like it, buy several months in bulk or don't follow aspiring art pornographers.

Onlyfans is and has always been an extremely volatile site and I really hate that I'm supposed to take the hit for a billion dollar company.

please do not initiate any refunds via your bank, as these will also come out of my paychecks.

A short explanation of what is happening is

Christian Anti-Trafficking organizations spend a fuckton of money on convincng people that anywhere consensual sex work is happening, there is also sex trafficking, they take this to the government or to the banks and then laws or policies change, making porn/adult sites comply with whatever verification process they come up with, this is used to build a database, then the database is used as evidence that the porn/adult site is facilitating crime. It's been done quite a few times over the last few years. Patreon, PornHub, Backpage, etc.

OnlyFans could have put up a fight, but they're cowards so it's no shock that they've gone this route.

You should be able to find more on google from that info, maybe check out "sesta & fosta" and "section 230" while you're at it.


I've started doing live shows on Chaturbate and it's been a lot of fun! I love playing music, tip activated toys, and chatting with new people AND they're the company behind, which is a fansite I plan to use for anything too saucy for OnlyFans!!


I do have my start time listed as 8 pm central, but that is also the time i give my dog his medication, so I will always either be late or have to hop off cam for a minute.


Mastercard is always the first payment processor to believe that porn is abusive (and facist control over where people can spend their money isn't?) or that videogames cause violence, or whatever Morality in Media is up to.

I don't think banks and credit card companies should have the right to decide how we spend our money. I don't think banks should be able to ban me for being a phone sex operator, either, but both are the reality here.

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