Whew, what a storm

it snows too much in Texas

The Power is back on!

I've never seen anything like this storm, the snow was powdery and soft, and not much fun to play in!

The roads were covered in it, and ice! grocery stores were closed or had lines that went for hours!

I didn't have power for a few days, except a few moments where it came on just long enough for me to microwave some food.

It was my intention to resume my live shows on onlyfans this week, at the very least- but because of the weather I still don't have a wifi range extender that will work so I can cam from my bed.

I'm working on it. Everything has been a work in progress.

I've fallen off in part because online sex work is not my only job, but also because I changed living situations and room mates 4 times in December and January, and things are just now beginning to settle back in.

Moving always takes a while, decorating takes a bit, but all the pieces are falling into place and I should be able to get things going soon.

I've been organizing old files, preparing to release old content that I never finished, and planning new photosets, keep an eye out for them


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